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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Changing Your Profile Pic Won't help!

It has been a shameful season for India to see women being humiliated up to such extent. Our females are unsafe after dark. But this is not that it has just begun. People are rising now against it. Few months ago a 4-year old girl child was raped. It didn't hit the media, so our humanity was sleeping. Now the biggest disastrous crime of year has happened which has hit the mind of community through the nerves of media. 

What we are doing is protesting against Government policies, because our humanity has awaken, and moreover our protests are subtle, we are not on the heat. So we are holding candle marches so that those blind seat holders of parliament could understand the situation. But one thing doesn't make sense that why are we not so serious. Our way of expressing seriousness is Facebook. Teens! Adults! If we are so serious, let us lead troops to Government, Courts and Other places where we can be heard, humiliating Government over Facebook is never going to be heard. 

Behind this heinous crime few dumb people are using your seriousness to increase their popularity. One such Post I saw, it was written. If you want to see the rapists hang like this. LIKE this pic. What-d-hell! 
1 Like = 10000000 slaps! Wow! Aren't you kidding with the situation. And people, my innocent Indians. Is this productive way to protest. Come out of house. No, why would you. Your father and mother would say why are you going, there are people to handle this. If you accept what they say, it okay. Sit. Calm Down and Just Pray.

Or you wanna revolt! Remember Saheed Bhagat Singh! and you know what to do! Now you might be thinking I am just sqwaking over here. What have I done? 

I think. We have lost our moral values, which needs to be restored. Clothes and Food don't represent people, their behaviour do. Teach your brothers, uncles, and children on how to behave with females.
If look at long term, humanity is being lost in uncontrollable population, unemployment, lack of education, even educated school children are becoming such criminals. All these follows the root, poverty and education.and I am making my way through these. Further protests are being done by you people! Listener will listen through them! (Mind it. Facebooking won't help). For such crimes laws will be made. But being a common man, see through your street, how do guys behave with girls. Did you do something then? NO!, actually we just love to say. Saying that, those guys are bastards, they don't know how to behave!

Hey Dumb! We can see that too! Do something. Hit those scallywags. But you are already in so much darkness of fear why would you do that. 

Stop waiting. Self defense is something. Start with those eve teasers and rapists will then have fear from your strength. Eve teasers are the future rapists in making. If we stop them and punish them. Why rapists would try a chance.

Media is using our emotions. Switch to any new channel and look at their advertisements. Following link will tell you a scenario there:

It is well written:
"हादसा एक दम नहीं होता,
वक़्त करता है परवरिश बरसों....!"


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another Sense: Sense of Altruism

Human beings are blessed with five basic senses we all know, we use them throughout our life. There are many other senses which have been gifted to us but they need to be discovered inside. Those basic senses we learnt in primary classes are just those which we can observe as macroscopic in our life because we spend most of time enjoying our materialistic life. Another view of life that is spiritualistic remains further unopened for many who never realize their presence and purpose in this universe. The Self-Realization techniques people perform are the methods of discovering spiritualistic view of life. But the fun still remains packed if the realization is not used practically. Spirituality tells us how we are connected to the deity, how we don’t own this materialistic body, how we all have limited time within a structure of flesh and bones, how soul differentiates from body, and the most important why we are here! Many religious holy books speak of this, but all in their own way. Deity is one, represented in many ways. All the ways lead to a single point.
Feeling the spiritual view is more valuable than reading/speaking/listening it. It all comes through dedication. Most of the time it happens that we say we are practising self-realization, but is it of any use if we can’t control our anger, sorrow and other negative imaginations. It is of what use if we end up hurting other souls around us. If someone truly realizes one’s spiritualistic presence, then their soul controls their body not the vice-versa. This all comes from the Sense of Altruism. An altruistic person works enthusiastically for anything and everything. Altruism is achieved to them who regard themselves as a worker of deity assigned various tasks to be performed on earth. They work selflessly towards others and they keep on opening new ways for themselves and community in productive manner.
Altruism is what we can learn from animals too.  Altruism is a well-documented animal behaviour, which appears most obviously in kin relationships but may also be evident amongst wider social groups, in which an animal sacrifices its own well-being for the benefit of another animal. Whatever we do, it must have a sense of altruism for the task to be successful. A selfish thought always suffer flaws and we are trapped in our own thoughts very badly. Practising altruism is not so tough, it can be achieved in a very easy way, just for an example next time you regret for not having something, think back in time of a scene when a women wearing a torn cloth, bearing a 1 year child came to you for few pennies. Remember her eyes! If you had never noticed them do it next time for sure. You will realize for sure that whatever you have is much more than you need. If all human beings start working with this sense of altruism, the differences will be erased same as in animal kingdom. Then work towards community welfare in any good way you find. In this way you can sow altruism inside self.
‘Knowledge is a veritable treasure for man, source of glory, bounty, joy, exaltation, cheer.’ So, everyone should implement knowledge for working towards community, a little above the self-line, where we can find selfless working. Through this way one can achieve ‘The Sense of Altruism’. Making others happy is the best gratitude to deity for this valuable life.
(Printed in Alfaaz 5th Edition)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Walking Down The Boulevard

Lost in the crowd; and this noise is so loud,
nobody is known; reactions are so blown,
listening a song; ignoring the crowd,
walking down the boulevard.

The winters don't love. They had been shedding their cruelty since past. True Story. Nothing is defined in this unreal world, yet few definitions  are repeated in different forms. The winter is yet to come, fear is conquering mind with few real shakes of life which are already jolting deep in the heart. The epicenter is inside. Its not going to snow, as it never did. Evening wind is cool yet not felt so deeply as it used to. A thrash of time killing the spark inside. The innocence is being frozen with dried tears, where to tilt, where to move, take a turn or go straight, don't know! Just walking down the boulevard, a person helping an old lady cross the road, a vendor shouting for bargain, a smell of cheap perfume, a girl shopping, a child crying, drain overflowing, overloaded bus, a dark night ahead but before this, all quite... Yet something is missing. Writing this all is meaningless, you can't make up a story from it. It can just be felt. Winter is coming. 

Yeah! The same winter cheated me. Don't you think the history gets repeated. Yes it is repeated. Not in the same way but it knocks again. As the history of happiness, so the history of sadness. 

Paper works are done! you can't see them, you can't change them, you just have to live it. Accept it.
Acceptance has always been deep rooted and when uprooted, they hurt the feeling holding it. Shouldn't have read it if you think this all is so negative. I don't take any liability of happiness, as nothing is mine. It is just coming...

"Mera Mujhmein Kutch Nahi... Jo Kutch Hai So Tera, Tera Tujhko Saup De Kya Laage Hai Mera"

Walking down the boulevard! 
Facing all this, is so hard... yet I would say:
DON'T STOP BELEVIN' HOLD ON TO THAT FEEELINGGG.... It goes on and on and on and on...